Dripping & Frying

Beef Dripping

The food shortages that resulted from the two World Wars motivated industry to find ways of boosting the sheer quantity of food available in Europe. Nowadays, the situation has changed completely. In European countries the quantity of food is less important than its quality, taste and storage life. Additives are now used in order to optimise production. As a result, an increasing number of consumers cannot remember the real, natural taste of food. Products with a long cultural tradition have been forgotten. However, the foods that stand the test of time that consumers will continue to enjoy are those with great taste such as beef dripping.

A long frying life and excellent deep frying performance

Refined beef dripping not only has a high smoke point of 210°C, but has a very long frying life outperforming vegetable oils and fats. The frying performance of fats and oils is variable when these products are subjected to the conditions used for deep frying but can be determined by Rancimat analysis. This test measures oxidation stability of natural fats and oils.

Fat is fried at 120°C, a lower temperature than used during deep frying (170-180°C). Eventually the fat molecules are split into volatile organic acids, which are carried in the air stream, and the charged species are detected by electrodes. It can be seen that beef dripping has high oxidative stability compared with vegetable oils.

The benefits

Beef dripping is a traditional way of preparing food with an excellent flavour using 100% natural and non-allergenic ingredients. The use of beef dripping is a first choice for many fish and chip outlets. Animal fats are a key compound responsible for the excellent taste. By choosing beef dripping as a frying fat, the taste of potatoes and fried food is enhanced.

A cooking fat for generations

Beef dripping is a fat with a long tradition; it is an excellent frying fat that has proved its worth with food producers the world over.

Superior High Frying Fat

From the modest potato chip to the finest fish fillet, ..what you fry in, is what captures the taste.

Go Superior, the most respected, refined and deodorised beef dripping in the business.


Sure Gold

A refined and deodorised white beef dripping, non-hydrogenated and naturally low in trans fats.


Sure Silver

A partially refined and deodorised white beef dripping, Sure-Silver is formulated especially to provide high quality, odour-free frying.


Sure Bronze

Sure-Bronze is the finest beef dripping offering traditional taste.


Firstfry Light White Frying Fat

A 100% pure beef dripping with an 80 year heritage, it is whiter, lighter and real delight to use.


Surefry Sustainable Palm Oil

Leading the way with a truly sustainable range of palm oil products, Surefry is the fully authenticated vegetable oil that ticks every environmental box.


Surefry Gold Extended Life Palm Oil

Pure palm oil's pretty impressive performance is a Surefry success. Now Surefry Gold goes even further - and goes-on frying for even longer!


Beef Roasting Fat

Traditional Beef roasting fat bring out the famous Sunday roast flavour - every day!

15x500g box