About Us

Historically the company is best known for Beef Dripping and Lard in own labels and well know brands.

Our most acknowledged and best know brand is “Superior” a refined and deodorised beef dripping, a name in its own right which the industry has come to recognise for premium quality and performance; predominantly sold to the fish and chip sector.

Nortech has invested heavily in its vegetable oil packing facilities increasing our product portfolio inclusive of sustainable Palm, HPKO, Sustainable Shortening and Coconut fats.

Operating from a 12 acre site in Doncaster Nortech has an extensive selection of animal and vegetable fats to meet every kind of catering and consumer need.


NORTECH understand our customer’s needs in delivering quality products, services, and value.

We pride ourselves on customer service and transparency with an honest approach in meeting our client’s requirements across our range of products.

A company associated with trust and reputation built up over many years of service.

Mission Statement

Nortech Foods aspire to deliver quality products, service and support to our customers, ensuring continued investment in the latest technologies and employee welfare.