Nortech Foods Launches ‘A Plaice in the Sun’ Holiday Giveaway for Chip Shop Owners

This summer, Nortech Foods Ltd is showing support for fish and chip shops across the UK by giving three lucky businesses the chance to win a holiday as part of a giveaway aptly titled “A Plaice in the Sun”.

Nortech is hiding three separate tickets – Gold, Silver, and Bronze – in boxes of Superior Frying Fat, their popular refined and deodorised beef dripping product.

Each ticket is tied to a special holiday prize.

  1. The finder of the Golden ticket will win a £2000 TUI holiday voucher.
  2. The Silver a £1000 TUI voucher.
  3. The Bronze ticket a weekend break for two.

Nortech has launched the giveaway to reward fish and chip shops, following the many challenges facing the industry over the last few years.

The coronavirus pandemic combined with inflation and supply chain issues have forced business owners to find new ways of working, with many taking significant financial hits as a result.

Having recognised the hardships that food retailers have faced – Nortech wanted to give back and show their support through a fun giveaway that recognises and celebrates the unwavering efforts of everyone working within the industry.

Commenting on the initiative, Leanne Green, Sales and Commercial Manager at Nortech Foods said:

“We’ve seen first-hand just how difficult the challenges of the last few years have made things for the frying industry.”

“Despite this, we’ve been amazed by the commitment that our customers have shown in the face of adversity and their dedication to doing the best they can. From business owners through to the serving staff working at the frontline of the fish and chip industry – our Plaice in the Sun giveaway is our way of giving back and saying a huge thank you to the people who make what we do possible.”

A Plaice in the Sun will run from 13th June – 31th August 2022, and is open to owners of fish and chip shops nationwide. Superior customers should check inside the box to see whether they have been successful. Each ticket will contain information about the prize, including details on how to claim it.

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Recognised for its premium quality and performance, Superior Frying Fat is one of Nortech’s best known brands.Made from 100% natural British beef dripping, Superior has the advantages of being low in trans fats and non-hydrogenated, which enables fryers to quickly and easily serve up great tasting food that hasn’t been compromised by the substance it is cooked in.

From potato chips through the fish fillets – this product is perfect for frying and is popular throughout the fish and chip sector.

Nortech Foods Ltd supplies an extensive selection of animal and vegetable fats to a wide variety of industries but is renowned for their Beef Dripping and Lard products.

With years of experience in the industry, Nortech understands its customer’s needs in delivering quality products, services and value and is a company associated with trust and reliability. The company has also invested heavily in its vegetable oil packing facilities and increasing its portfolio of sustainable palm, HPKO, Sustainable Shortening and Coconut Fats.